Zen Beauty Institute

Dr. Shane’s Optimal Physical, Mystical, and Metaphysical Works
(Electronic Books only)

Currently, there are 52 titles to select, which can be purchased electronically. The following works are available: The 21st Century Urban Female Warrioress, The Zen Beauty Elite Female Fitness Revolution, An Adventure Beyond the Mirror of Reality, The Etheric Power of the Mental Eye, and A Manifesto of Ontological Genesis.

Dr. Shane is a premier expert on such esoteric issues such as Taoism, Raja Yoga, Tantric Yoga, mystical transformation, ethereal genesis, as well as ultimate techniques for female body sculpturing, shamanism, optimal medicine, and self-actualization.  

His books are an essential study for anyone committed to authentic self-actualization.  Dr. Shane’s lectures are also available, which will further explicate the fascinating themes of his books.  

Books cost $8.90 each for an electronic copy. 

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