Zen Beauty Institute

An In Depth Description of Clinical Assessment of Optimizing Program

with Dr. Shane

Lifestyle Restructuring and Management

The focus of this aspect of the consultation session is to work with the patient on incorporating viable strategies, to alleviate financial pressures, modify diet, more effectively cope with stress, discover ways to improve emotional relationships, and incorporate exercise protocols into a patient’s daily activities.

Body Sculpturing Assessment and Consultation

This initial assessment and consultation includes a thorough orthopedic/muscular-skeletal review, aesthetic body assessment, a discussion of realistic strategies as well as surgical and nonsurgical with lifestyle modification to achieve a pat’s aesthetic goals.  

In Summary, our clients are provided with extensive private and individualized attention rather than in most medical settings where they’re given seven minutes to mollify their physiological symptomtologies with a clinician.  In the ensuing sessions, we will likewise provide you with ways to implement these changes, which are necessary to improve your quality of life.  We will supervise your nonsurgical aesthetic body transformation, lifestyle modification, as well as your cosmetic beautification and hormone replacement therapy.

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