Zen Beauty Institute

Dr. Shane’s Academic and Professional Profile

Dr. Ron Shane ND, PhD, OMD, MFA (equiv.)

Diplomat in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

7th Degree ITF Tae Kwon Do Black Belt A-7-7 

Certified Kundalini Yoga Master

Certified ITF Tae Kwon Do International Instructor

Certified Energy Master

Certified Elite Lifestyle Counselor 

Visiting Research Scholar in Department of Theater and Dance UCSD Specializing in Shakespeare and Mysticism

Medical Researcher affiliated with the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine

Dr. Shane is a world-leading authority in body mind consciousness studies; and is the dean of this program at the University of Natural Medicine.  His PhD blended visionary literature with social psychology where he did his dissertation on William Blake and the English Romantics concerning the activation of the etheric body. Dr. Shane completed post-doctoral study at UCLA in the Renaissance Institute, where he did advanced research in the mystical aspects of William Shakespeare and Edmond Spenser under the aegis of Dr. Michael Allen, a world leading authority in Neo-Platonism and the Renaissance; and likewise completed a MFA training in theater and experimental video during his tenure as post-doc at UCLA.  His postdoctoral training includes such disciplines as Renaissance mysticism, neurobiology, psychiatry, neuroscience, medical science, internal medicine, oriental medicine, and cross-cultural shamanism.  Dr. Shane was a faculty member in the Department of English at UCSB and SDSU. Furthermore, he studied cross-cultural shamanism under the aegis of Dr. Donald Tuzin; and for many years he had an academic relationship with Dr. Norman O. Brown who is the original founding member of UCSC’s History of Consciousness Program.

Dr. Shane, as a research scholar at UCSD, did advanced studies in Western Medicine, Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, and Neuroendocrinology under the tutelage of Dr. Koob, a leading authority in neuroendocrinology in the Department of Psychology as well as Scripps Research Institute.  Dr. Shane is one of the world’s highest Tae Kwon Do black belts, receiving his 7th degree black belt from Grandmaster Hwang, who is the highest ranking Grandmaster in the world. He is on the board of the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance and has written many books and articles on the internal dynamics of Tae Kwon Do.

His Zen Beauty Institute is based on strategies for individuals where they can achieve optimal physical and interior salubriousness.This medical researcher, energy master, and clinician will be leading a three-day workshop for medical doctors on the diverse dimensions of optimal medicine. He has written over 45 books on topics ranging from Shamanistic consciousness to the esoteric basis of Raja/Kundalini yoga. His Mystique of Energy delineates how the esoteric body blends with the luminous celestial sphere.

Dr. Shane has given over 45 lectures to medical doctors on many distinctive topics and has written 250 articles for several medical publications. This medical researcher has conducted research in cosmetic and regenerative medicine as well as molecular biology. For Dr. Shane, ontological genesis of the body’s mental/ethereal sphere can only occur when its physical aspect is optimally actualized.

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