Zen Beauty Institute

Optimal/Preventative Medicine for All Age Groups 

We would like to introduce to you our optimal health program.  This individualized approach is appropriate to anyone to mitigate the aging process, and enhance all aspects of self.  The Zen Beauty approach involves all aspects of lifestyle modicfication, hormone replacement when necessary, mind/body methodologies for stress reduction, cosmetic strategies for physical improvement, emotional and sexual optimizational strategies.  You will be uniquely treated by our two highly qualified medical experts.  This program blends a diverse array of medical protocols to improve you quality of life.  We are dedicated to serve all our clients with the latest advances in optimal medicine, hormone replacement, cosmetic counseling, nonsurgical body sculpturing, lifestyle revitalization, nutritional counseling, and sexual enhancement strategies.  Dr. Shane is available primarily by phone consultations as well as in books and lectures, which can be downloaded and purchased on this website.

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