Zen Beauty Institute

Clinical Assessment and Consultation

1st Session

This session includes the following:

Extensive case history

Discussion of present lifestyle

A thorough review of patients’ diet, stress level, exercise regime, as well as emotional analysis, whether they are experiencing salubrious physiological remodeling; and finally suggested aesthetic and lifestyle modifications.  Additionally, there will be an analysis of a patient’s outward cosmetic needs as well as physiological robustness.  

2nd Session

This Session will include a thorough discussion of benefits of our viable methodologies to enhance patients to mitigate stress, mollify psychological pressures, improve diet, discover ways to enhance emotional relationships, and actively exercise on a daily basis.  Dr. Shane will work with you to implement these changes into your life.  In addition, patients are introduced to the efficacy of energy medicine strategies in order to enhance emotional well being.  In general, there will a considerable discussion of exacting strategies to allay the aging process, and achieve greater beautification on both the inward and outward aspects of self. 

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