Zen Beauty Institute

Physical conditioning and spiritual training protocols:

Western society is now experiencing a cultural revolution in terms of female consciousness.  Women are commencing a dramatic metamorphosis in their mystical nature and outward physicality.  Artistic visionaries have celebrated the mystical powers of the shamanistic female warrioress.  This social phenomenon is coming into fruition.  The urban female warrioress is the essential progenitor of our cultural transformation.  Spiritual love becomes again the principal way of achieving superlative bodily mystical genesis.  This text is a viable explication of the body’s furtive physical and spiritual energy dynamics. 

The actualization of the woman’s body to that of a 21st century urban warrioress by Dr. Shane:

There will be a $150 charge for a 1-hour appointment at his office in San Diego, CA.  If it is more convenient for you, you can have a conference call with a minimum of $50 for a ½ hour and $2/minute thereafter.  In addition, video conferencing is also available.  The female warrioress body aesthetic consultation will consist of on what each particular woman needs to do in terms of exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction techniques, and hormonal modulation to achieve a sculptured beautiful female body.

There is considerable specificity in terms of the fact that each woman can select a bodily aesthetic appearance which is germane to her desires in terms of each status of sculptured beauty.  Thus, she can be very thin, slightly muscular, or very muscular.  Dr. Shane will review your options and how much training is necessary to induce your specific level of cosmetic enhancement.  This doctor of optimal health can provide you with the most innovative techniques for super cross-training to that of minimally invasive surgical protocols.  You can have your ideal body.  

His program to create the warrioress physique as stated in his book, The 21st Century Urban Female Warrioress includes robust super-circuit training, Tae Kwon Do conditioning, optimal hormonal modulation, and a superlative nutritional regimen.

Inward training protocols:

Dr. Shane provides women with ethereal bodily optimal medical consultation.  The consultation in San Diego is $150/hour and phone or video conferencing is $50 for ½ and $2/minute thereafter.  The spiritual consultation involves the warrioress’ metamorphic process.  This includes analysis of a woman’s overall chi flow, openness of her chakra systems, as well as ways to develop the energy dynamics of her subtle body.  There will be a discussion as to how your psychological processing prevents you from liberating your body’s instinctual predilections or spiritual powers.  Moreover, clients will be introduced to medicinal energy strategies, which were discussed in Dr. Shane’s book in order to develop the body’s ethereal powers and energy dynamics.  Dr. Shane will have 1- hour lectures available on this website for $2, which will be concerned with a diverse array of intriguing topics pertaining to optimizing a woman’s inward and outward health.

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