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The 21st Century Urban Female Warrioress: $6 electronically, $20 hard copy +$ 4 shipping/handling

This work is a must-read for any female who is seeking outer and inward optimization in a culture which ideologically restricts her self development.  Western society is now experiencing a cultural revolution in terms of female consciousness.  Women are commencing a dramatic metamorphosis in their mystical nature and outward physicality.  Artistic visionaries have celebrated the mystical powers of the shamanistic female warrioress.  This social phenomenon is coming into fruition.  The urban female warrioress is the essential progenitor of our cultural transformation.  Spiritual love becomes again the principal way of achieving superlative bodily mystical genesis.  This text is a viable explication of the body’s furtive energy dynamics.  

The 21st Century Urban Female Warrioress

$ 6.00 USD

The 21st Century Urban Female Warrioress: A Vision into a Woman’s Contemporary Metamorphosis

By Dr. Ron Shane

Assisted by Shannon Nies and Emily Drennan

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